Mum’s Lemon Squares

Our next screening is almost here. Just to get your taste buds going, I thought I’d post a recipe that I’ll be making for Saturday.

Our next film on January 27th at 8pm (in Ballyclare Town Hall) is The Florida Project. It’s now an Academy Award nominated picture (Best Supporting Actor Willem Dafoe) and it’s been nominated and won a number of other film awards. Now, despite my loathing of hot weather and sunshine (I know, I’m weird), I was born in Florida. So, in honour of our next film taking place in my birth-state, I thought I’d make and share a family recipe. These are my mum’s lemon squares- a sunshiny bun for a sunshiny state.

Now- I don’t have any photos of the finished product yet as I will be making these Saturday for the screening in the evening. But, remembering my mum’s lemon squares, they looked a bit like these from The Smitten Kitchen.

My Mum’s recipe in her handwriting. Isn’t her handwriting lovely? (c)Sheila England

[Note- I’ve converted the measurements into grams and such. I may edit these once I test the recipe in grams and such.]


250g all-purpose flour and 31g all-purpose flour

226g butter

63g sifted icing sugar and some for dusting

4 eggs, beaten

79ml lemon juice

400g granulated sugar

½ teaspoon baking powder


Cut butter into 250g flour and the icing sugar. (Cut as in mix with fingers, much like you would crumble, until breadcrumb like- try not to over work) Press this into pan and bake at 176° C for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix the beaten eggs, granulated sugar, and lemon juice together.

In a separate bowl, sift together 31g flour and baking powder. Stir this into the egg mixture.

Pour this mixture over the baked crust.

Bake for a further 25 minutes at 176°c.

When finished and cooled, sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.



When baking the crust initially, prick with a fork just before so it doesn’t rise too much. Also, I baked in a Pyrex glass dish since I remembered my Mum doing this. However, 25min was not long enough to fully cook the crust in the glass dish. Maybe the heat didn’t conduct well enough. So, check the crust before adding the topping.

I tried to make to second batch in small muffin tins to avoid the underbaking issue. However, these ended up overbaked and the lemon mixture stuck to the paper cases. So- these are nice in individual muffin-sizes bites but if you are trying this; 1) use just greased tins or use nonstick paper cases because the lemon mixture gets sticky and will stick 2) bake for less time. I found 20 min instead of 25 seemed much better both for the crust as the topping 3) also prick crust with a fork.

I think I might also experiment with more lemon (maybe adding zest into the crust?) because they could use a bit more lemoniness.

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