Happy Pride 🌈

We loved tapping our feet with you all last month at The Greatest Showman, ‘This is Me’ is still ringing in our ears! Remember that one scene where Zac Efron slights his GF in public because of the judging glances of a mixed-race relationship? Remember how we held our hands to our hearts and thought:... Continue Reading →

Mum’s Lemon Squares

Our next screening is almost here. Just to get your taste buds going, I thought I’d post a recipe that I’ll be making for Saturday. Our next film on January 27th at 8pm (in Ballyclare Town Hall) is The Florida Project. It’s now an Academy Award nominated picture (Best Supporting Actor Willem Dafoe) and it’s... Continue Reading →

Cinema and Mental Health

It’s January and invariably we are surrounded by healthy recipes, cleanses, detoxes, gym membership advertisements, and work out routines. After the mimetic trope of Christmas gluttony and New Year imbibing, family gatherings and parties, January leaves many of us a bit deflated. Thus, we are ready to latch onto the health kicks and personal organisation... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Buns

With the latest Star Wars film coming out on Thursday the 14 of December (this coming Thursday), I thought I’d post a recipe I recently made: Scoundrel Cupcakes (aka Han Solo’s Delicious Buns) For those of you that don’t know me, Harrison Ford was my first love. Han Solo and Indiana Jones were my heroes... Continue Reading →

Cinema For All Community Cinema Conference 2017

In November, Picture House founder Robert Robinson attended the Cinema For All Community Cinema Conference. While there, Ballyclare Picture House won the award for the Best New Society. He posted about the event on Cinema For All's community blog. Here is what he wrote: http://www.filmhubni.org/Community/blogs/Cinema-For-All-Community-Cinema-Conference-2017 The full list of Winners is available on the Cinema... Continue Reading →

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